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Ok, so! You've dived into the wedding planning and have found yourself typing in search terms like "wedding celebrants Perth," "best marriage celebrants Perth," or even "non-boring wedding celebrant" and "how not to fall asleep at my own wedding." Fear not, for your search has led you to ME! So you are on the right track for sure! 

Yes, meeting the legal requirements is part of my duty, but my ultimate priority is to craft a wedding ceremony that's bursting with fun and energy, just as you've always dreamed.

We all yearn for romance on our special day, but let's be real, you're also on the lookout for a celebrant who can infuse playfulness, modern flair, and unforgettable moments into your ceremony.

Here's a little secret: I bring a unique twist to the table. With a background in wedding coordination, creative writing, live performance and event planning, I know how to captivate an audience and leave them spellbound.

(Yes, you read that right! Who would have thought my Bachelor of Arts degree would come in handy? Well, behold, my friends , I am living proof!)

When I entered this exhilarating game, my goal was simple: to offer something fresh, exciting, and brimming with energy. So, as you prepare to make your vows, I promise you this—I'll deliver the ceremony of your dreams, a ceremony that will surpass all your expectations.


So, my adventurous couple, buckle up and prepare for an extraordinary journey. Together, we'll create a wedding ceremony that will set your souls on fire and leave an indelible mark on your hearts. Are you ready? Let's make your dreams come true!

Oh, and before I forget, let me proudly declare that I'm a staunch supporter of same-sex marriages. Love knows no boundaries, and I'm honored to be part of celebrating all love stories.


Legal Documentation

All the legal documentation is covered in the cost of the MBC service. You will be walked through the process so you know what is happening in the legal journey but the registration is all signed & sealed by me - no thinking required! 

Vow Coaching

You may like the idea of writing your own vows but have NO clue how to get started. I have a tried & tested and 100% stress-free way of getting the best out of you to achieve the most personalised and perfect vows possible. No sweat!

Original Ceremony

All of the choices you make and the planning you do for your wedding day share a common goal; to be a perfect reflection of your relationship and personality! So why should the ceremony be any different? No ceremony is repeated because no couple is ever the same! I will have you and your guests loving every second of the ceremony because it is unique to you both! Hear from my people about how I did this for them here.


PA - Check

Mics - Check

Managing Ceremony Music - Check

Onsite Rehearsal - Check

All the docs - Check

Perfect Ceremony - Check!!

Ceremony & Reception Overview Planning Audit- *Freaking Epic Bonus

Out of Metro Area Travel? 

 Yes Please!

But the $ is a little different

See Travelling for Love

Book a Chat or Lock it in!

Hit me up for some info and chat!

But if you are ready to lock in the love with me, once we check the date is free we can jump right into a booking and then meet/chat later.

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