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Ok, You Two...Let's Get Married!

Now that the dust has settled, you have headed to the Internet, typed in something like "wedding celebrants perth" or "non boring wedding celebrant" or even, "how not to fall asleep at my own wedding."

Regardless of your search terms, the answer has lead you Married By Claire.

​Sure, it is my duty to ensure that all the legalities are met... but it’s my priority to make sure that you have the fun & energetic wedding ceremony that you have always dreamed of!

We all want our special day to be romantic. But you are probably also searching for a celebrant who can keep it playful, modern and memorable. We've all been to far too many weddings where the celebrant is dry, monotone and flat.  

I have a background in live performance and place a huge emphasis on custom writing each ceremony for every couple I work with (...and some people thought I would never use my Bachelor of Arts degree! Look at me now!!) 

I came into this game hoping to offer something new, fun and energetic. So while you are getting ready to make your vows, I vow to you, that I can give you the ceremony you have always dreamed of. A marriage ceremony is supposed to be beyond magical. It is the time that will be forever remembered; when you declared your love for one another in front of your whole crew. But it has to be personalised to you!



What's In Store For Your Big Day?

Sure, we are going to have an awesome time getting you hitched, but we have to make sure we have all our legal bases covered and you need to know how it works and what to expect with me as your celebrant.


I will never use the same script twice. That is a fact. 

I encourage every couple to take some risks and try something a little different, but I can also guide you with a skeleton ceremony to get the creative juices flowing. I am willing to do the leg work for you to find the most amazing readings, poems or special rituals to make it perfect for you...and if perfection means you want to rap your vows I am willing to freestyle over some beers and ruin my reputation of being musical by attempting to beat box for you. Not even joking. 

That being said, there is also nothing wrong with traditional vows. They are traditional because they are beautiful and we can find other ways to make the ceremony unique if you love traditional vows. We don't always have to reinvent the wheel; sometimes simple, personal touches are the best. 




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