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Hi, I'm Claire.

Since I was a kid, I have always been obsessed with events.

The audience, the planning, the lead-up, the costume or outfit, the logistics, the
presentation, the drama - all of it. I knew that whatever I grew up to be, it would have to be around high-stakes moments with massive emotional pay-offs.

My style is this: I use humour to pull back the curtain on your day-to-day life and share your story that is real AF!

No fluffy, generic, wish-wash about love and marriage.

Pffft - we know you love each other, that's why you are getting married - duh!

I want to share the real deal; the nitty-gritty of your everyday life, this shit you love about each other but also the shade about the things that can piss you off about eachother, but still want to do this thing anyway!

The result is a modern, playful, engaging but relaxed wedding ceremony that not only create the most incredible way of capturing your story, but also sets the tone for the whole day. You likely have a vision for your reception that is set to freaking go off and so you need a ceremony that matched that vibe! And when we do this, the result is thrilling AF!

With 15 years in events & wedding coordination, 7 years as a celebrant and a background in creative writing, live performance and public speaking, I know how to turn this out and make some magic for you!

(Yes, you read that right! Who would have thought my Bachelor of Arts degree would come in handy? Well, behold, my friends, I am living proof! *mwa ha haaa!)


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