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Meetings With Me

There will be a few touchpoints as part of building your perfect day. 

And while this might vary depending on the package you select, you are likely to have two official meetings with me.

Our initial meeting - call it our "first date" -  This is where we meet, get to know each other and likely start our paperwork. So much initial goodness and pro-tips are dished out here, but we also take care of the first legal docs and get a real vibe for each other!

The second meeting is our epic planning meeting - This one is where we take the vision and vibe and turn it into the detailed plan for the ceremony. We hash it all out, get you feeling confident and cross-check all the stages of planning & prep. 

You can book these meetings in via the links below.

Initial Meeting - Our First Date!

This will be the first time we officially meet. You might want to meet before we book, or you have already booked me in, in any case, this is the first formal catch-up and it will be the first time I see your lovely faces! 

We'll sit down over a cozy coffee or indulge in a refreshing vino.

I can't wait to get to know you better, and that's why I believe in face-to-face connections for our first meeting.

However, if virtual suits you better, no worries, we can hop on a video call and make it just as delightful!

  • Currently only booking meetings until mid-Dec 2023. 2024 meeting times will be available in Nov. 

  • Please select from the two locations you see via the portal. 

  • If a video call is preferred select "Virtual Initial Meeting"

Our Second Meeting - Planning it all out!

A few months before your big day, we'll ensure everything is on track, but here's the best part – you can do it all from the comforts of your own home! Our virtual planning meetings are a breeze and we get to really sink our teeth into our plan of attack, all of the elements we are going to include and a recap of all of the fabulous things that make up the ceremony outlined in our initial chat. 

Of course, if we need to take care of essential paperwork in person, then we may need to do this meeting in person and I will let you know if this applies to you!

*Currently only booking meetings until mid-Dec 2023. 2024 meeting times will be available in Nov. 

*These meetings are virtual only unless otherwise required - contact me if you need to chat to me about this.

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