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Marrying you...

My Approach To Your Ceremony

Get ready to unleash your adventurous side and dare to be different! We're not just aiming for a good first impression on your big day—oh no, we're aiming for the absolute pinnacle, the crowning moment that leaves everyone in awe!

Here's the deal: I'm not afraid to take risks and go above and beyond to make your ceremony truly unforgettable. If you're up for it, we can embark on an exciting journey together to create something extraordinary. Want to rap your vows? I'm game! We can even grab a few beers and I'll attempt to freestyle and beatbox my way through, even if it means tarnishing my reputation as a musician. Yes, you read that right—I'm dead serious about making your wedding uniquely spectacular.

But that's not all—I come armed with a secret weapon. Years of experience in weddings and events have made me a master of the trade. As your celebrant, I'll also double as your trusted wedding consultant, guiding you through the entire planning process. From choosing the perfect venue to orchestrating every minute detail, I'll be by your side, ensuring your day exceeds all expectations.

Now, let's address the elephant in the room: simplicity. There's absolutely nothing wrong with keeping things streamlined and personal. Sometimes, it's the subtle, heartfelt touches that make all the difference. Whether you want additional readings and verbal decorations or prefer a more minimalistic approach, rest assured, I'll tailor the ceremony to your unique desires.

So, my daring and discerning couple, are you ready to break free from the ordinary and venture into uncharted territory? Let's create a wedding experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. Get in touch with me, and together, we'll craft a celebration that's authentically you. Remember, the best things in life often come from embracing simplicity and adding your personal touch. Let's make magic happen!


The Main Goal?

My driving factor behind every detail of the ceremony is to find balance. And have a bloody good time!

A balance between the two vows that are shared.

A balance of sentimental and humour.

A balance between the big concepts of love and marriage and how they connect to you in your relationship in a more specific way.

The perfect ceremony is a balance of honouring the love you share and being able to laugh at the quirks of everyday life as a couple.


Standard ceremonies include the following: 

  • Unlimited emails, phone calls and drafts.

  • All legal paperwork to the point of marriage registration.

  • PA system, ensuring audibility – with AUX player, mics, speakers etc. Plus additional microphone for guest speakers/ readers during the ceremony if preferred.

  • Coordinate with musicians, photographers and others as needed

  • Discreet, confidential and caring approach.

  • Onsite rehearsal (this may vary for a destination or rural wedding).

  • My guarantee of professional, friendly and reliable service.

  • My years of experience in planning and managing large-scale and wedding events.


Wedding Consulting

The extra special MBC perk!

I am not just a celebrant.

Working in weddings and events is something that predates my celebrant role. 

I have been working in the biz and events since I was 18. It's in my blood now.

Need help with timelines? Done.

Need to be connected with the right vendors for your vision? My little black book is stacked,

Need advice for logistics and negotiation with vendors? I got you!

... and this is all included in the investment.

No extra payment or package.

This is just what you get!

Get Your Vendor E-Book Here

I have created the most epic breakdown of Perth's hottest and most fabulous vendors.

In a massively saturated industry, I have handpicked a VERY small assortment of vendors for you to stalk online and see if they are 'the one'. 

Included in this FREE e-book:

  • A breakdown of the main services and their primary function.

  • Tips I have collected for each key area of your vendor selection.

  • A curated list of Perth's best vendors and service providers at different price points and styles.

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