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On The Day Coordination + Wedding Celebration

Packages Launching

31st May

What is this service all about?

Lovers, this is for you if you want take on the parts of the planning that bring you joy, but can palm off the stuff that makes you stressed.

It's simple.

I will plan alongside you & manage all the logistical bumps in the road with you.

I will marry you with a fun AF ceremony that will leave you and your guests completely in awe of how perfect it was for you and your story.

On the day, I will set up and bring to life the plans you have made and then handover to the venue staff knowing that they 100% have all they need to keep the party going.

The Married By Claire On-the-Day Coordination Package offers seamless management of your day but also gives you everything you need to create a stunning day from start to finish.


The planning should be fun.

The answers should be logical.

The timelines, planning and logistical arrangements should NOT feel like they are all your are thinking about!

The experience should make you feel jittery with glee and not with panic!

Seriously, I’ve got you.


With hundreds of weddings under my belt and a decade of professional event planning, I am ready for anything baby. I legit LIVE for those "wow" moments when you and your crew step into the venue and see it has become all you dreamed of!

Sneak Peek (OMG!)



Reception Plan for Perfect Set & Service

Seating Plan Execution:

Ensure seating arrangements are flawlessly executed.

Timeline Creation

Top-level & detailed planners suited to the vendors they are for including service planner for catering, master timeline for photographers to make up artists, and even super handy

MC template for the perfect MC punctuation of the evening.

Table Styling:

Collaborate with your florist for table styling that wows.

Hired Items Styling:

Incorporate rented items seamlessly into the décor.

Styled Areas:

Elevate spaces like the cake table, gift table, and more for a cohesive look.

Vendor Placement:

Coordinate vendors for smooth setup and execution.


Ceremony Vision &
Set Up 

Timeline Creation:

Ceremony timing is one thing, but how it works in with the whole day is super important. Master timeline for all vendors involved as well a detailed flow of ceremony breakdown all included.

Point of Contact:

Receive and manage deliveries, including ceremony furniture.

Ceremony Styling:

Ensure tables and items are set up optimally for the ceremony.

Guest Items:

Prep items like petals or fans for guest use.

Transition to Reception:

Seamless redirection of ceremony items to the reception area.


All the Celebrant Extras Too

Legal Stuff (der)

All legal paperwork to the point of marriage registration.

Vow Writing Handbook and Vow Coaching:

Plus loads of guidance and ideas for the ceremony that 100% fit your vibe.

A hot AF ceremony:

We do NOT enter generic ceremony territory; it's all about your story and the sh*t that makes you tick.

All mics, speakers etc:

Plus I'll coordinate with musicians and videographers of whom the PA stuff might affect.

Onsite rehearsal

*this may vary for a destination or rural wedding.

Seamless Execution:

Onsite rehearsal for a flawless result on the day.

The Perfect Vibe:

Ceremony vision planning

fresh ideas on how to make your ceremony different but also authentic to you...not just about trends or traditions.

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